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Children LED Projector Artsy Drawing Desk™

Children LED Projector Artsy Drawing Desk™

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Looking for a solution to keep your child engaged in art instead of screen time?  Explore our LED Art Table!

It reduces excessive screen time by offering an engaging alternative, sparking your child's interest in art.

 Integrated LED Projector:

The built-in projector enables children to trace, learn, and create with ease, enhancing their artistic abilities.

Adjustable Height and Angle:

The table offers customizable height and angle settings for a comfortable and ergonomic drawing experience.

Bright LED Lighting: 

The table provides ample, even lighting to reduce eye strain and make artwork more vibrant and visible.

Reusable Drawing Surface:

Its reusable surface allows children to practice and perfect their art without the need for constant paper or supplies.

Interactive Learning Mode:

With interactive learning modes and pre-loaded educational content; it transforms art sessions into engaging learning experiences that nurture both creativity and knowledge.

Size: As the picture shown
Battery: 3 x AA battery ( included)
Color/Style: As the picture shown
Recommended age: over 3 years old
Material: ABS plastic, electronic components
Application: kids, drawing
Package Content:
1 x Kids Drawing Desk


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